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Turkey on the BBQ

Turkey on the BBQ

Submitted By: Alita

Location: Bremerton
Recipe Name: Turkey on the BBQ
Recipe Information:

Cooking a Turkey for Thanksgiving Day and got it all prepared when the electricity went out! (All Electric here) So I took the foil and wrapped up the turkey, removed the ‘shelf’ on my BBQ Grill and started it up! Took awhile to cook, like most turkeys do; but didn’t take much longer on the BBQ Grill as it does in the oven, tasty!


10 lbs. Turkey
Stuffing (Bag stuffing, butter, celery, olives, onion, cook the neck heart and gizzards in water cut up add this water and cut up pieces)

Recipe Instructions:

Prepare Stuffing with ingredients above and set aside. Wash Turkey inside and out! Salt inside, slip butter under skin of turkey and stuff with your stuffing. Wrap in foil and place on BBQ Grill. Let cook and test with thermometer to be sure it’s done! Simple and delicious!

Recipe Summary:

Happy Thanks Giving Turkey without electricity!


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