Weber Grill Technical Support Experience

I have to tell you of my experience with Weber technical support.

We were having a barbeque the other day and the back burner wouldn't light on my new Weber Grill. I was out trying to get the meat started and the dang grill wouldn't light and I was getting a bit frustrated. Fortunately our guests were running late.

I came inside and did an internet search to see if there was a known problem with the grill. While I was on Weber's site looking for an answer to my problem, I noticed that they had a 24x7 technical support line. I called and almost immediately was talking to a Weber Grill Expert.

She walked me through the things that she thought would cause the problem. The first was similar to one of the troubleshooting steps that I went through trying to light my Camp Chef stove. If the regulator on the grill detects a pressure change, it will shut off the valve and not let any fuel through the hose. This is to keep us from blowing ourselves up. She had me turn off the grill for a few minutes (including the valve on the propane tank) and then gradually open the valve on the tank to allow the regulator on the hose to reset itself if it had kicked in.

This didn't solve the problem, but I learned a good troubleshooting step and wanted to pass it along.

She mentioned that if the grill had sat over the winter that sometimes bugs and spiders crawl up into the gas tubes and restrict the flow of gas into the burners. This can be fixed by blowing out the system with an air compressor or canned air.

The next thing she had me do was to light the back burner manually. It started right up. As I got to looking at the crossover pipe, I noticed that something had dripped onto the pipe and was restricting the flame on about 1" of pipe. This was causing the flame not to light on the back half of the crossover pipe and keeping my back burner from lighting.

So I was happy that I had found out what the problem was. I was able to get the back burner lit by hand and take care of my guests.

The cool part about the whole experience was the fact that I got a new Crossover pipe in my mailbox via FedEx a couple of days later. That was awesome customer service. I strongly recommend Weber products because of the technical support experience that I had.


  1. ken noell says:

    I've been having problems getting my burners
    to increase their flame more than a tiny amount.
    This happens no matter how high I turn up the

  2. Bill Daly says:

    I have a weber 3 burner gas grill and would like to roast a 8/10 lb standing beef rib roast, any suggestions??

  3. michael logrande says:

    I recently converted to natural gas and also purchased converter package which was installed by the gas company. When we lit the stove top on the grill we got a good strong flame. But we also lit the three barbecue lines and weonly got weak flame and mostly yellow. What can I do to correct this problem? Mind you we spent nearly$200 for the conversion kit. Thanks.

  4. Larry Downey says:

    Two weeks ago I could not get my 3 burner grill to heat up past 250' when the three control knobs were set on high. Usually the temp goes above 400', so I changed the bottle even though it felt like it had gas in it.
    Last friday I used it and it worked fine but today it only heats up to 250'
    What do you think the problem could be?


  5. Allan Stanford says:

    When lighting our grill (Weber - Silver) only the first/front tube will light.

    The entire grill had a thorough cleaning in the Fall

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

  6. Weber gas grill wont heat past 350 degrees. tank is full and not leaking.

  7. What could be causing a weber gas grill not to heat past 350 degrees?

  8. Our Weber gas grill will not heat past 250. Any suggestions as how to fix the problem?

  9. I have a weber grill100 series that ues a small propane bottle. My problem is I cant get the flame to go up it has a very small flame. I got it mother's day this year.

  10. charles price says:

    i just purchased weber E20 Genesis, cannot get the electric ignition to light the burners

  11. My Weber Q would not heat above 200. I read a tip that says you MUST have the controls set to off when you open the tank valve (which I always close after cooking) and then open the controls for outer and inner grills. It jumped up to 550 almost immediately.

  12. can't get the burner to lite it lites uo where the air and gas mix up in that little window ?

  13. I lit my grill and there were flames coming from where the first burner and the regulator meet. Should something be replaced or just adjusted. The flames were not "shooting" out.

  14. i have a weber 300. bought last year and now having problem. New tank of gas... so that is not the problem.. The inner burner is lighting but once I turn on the outter one.. the inner will not stay on and the outter one will not stay alight.. any suggestion....

  15. Have a weber natural gas grill genesis 320. Can not get above 400 degrees, tested for leaks, no leaks what is wrong?

  16. Hey Ron,

    Check out the post on Troubleshooting low flame output on your BBQ Grill at:


  17. I have a Weber silver that has been giving me fits with this problem.

    I talked to customer service and they said to turn all knobs to OFF position and the propane tank OFF.


    she said to gradually open the propane tank by turning the knob on top one quarter of a turn ONLY and then wait 15 seconds.

    Do I really need to tell ya that this takes FOREVER? PLUS it doesn't always work!

    Sometimes I get lucky and get full flame and good heat and other times I can work thru the process and end up going inside to cook on the stove.

    WTH...this was an EXPENSIVE GRILL!

  18. Hmmm...I am not an expert, but it feels to me like something may be up with the regulator and they are trying to get it to reset by turning everything off and then gradually turning it back on.

    See the post on Troubleshooting low or yellow flame output on your BBQ

    My initial thought would be to contact technical support again and get them to diagnose the problem why they are having you open the propane valve so slowly...

    If the grill is still under warranty, you could ask them to send you a replacement regulator...but I would pin them down first as to what they think the problem is so you can get whatever is not working correctly fixed...

  19. I have a natural gas barbeque that I want to convert to propane. What all has to be changed to do this? Also I am new to this and find it very interesting, where do I go to find my answer?

  20. My weber grill goes on fire once a season. I usually end up ruining my dinner because black smoke and flames are billowing out of my BBQ. We have one that has no coals on the side but rather just slanted sides. The sides seem to collect the grease and small bits that fall off the meat you cook and this is what catches on fire. There is also a catch tray on the bottom but it is the sides that are a problem. I am at the point of returning it or selling it and getting another one. I have owned it 4 years and have had 3 fires. I had different one before for 10 years and no fires!

  21. winnie tapper says:

    I have just purchased a Weber Q100 when i used it to barbecue chicken i found that it stuck to the grill.
    Ant suggestions?

  22. pat seymour says:

    once you use about 1/4 tank of gas the gas wont flow the next time you use it.

  23. Jim DePierro says:

    Picked up a new Genesis s330 yesterday. Had the store put it together. Can,t get it to heat up over 400 even though the manual says it should reach 500 to 550 within 15 minutes on high. What gives?

  24. sherry schuyler says:

    Just got a webber spirit gas grill and cannot get it to lite. HELP

  25. Larry collie says:

    just wanted to say thanks. Your post helped me eat tonight. I like to turn the gas tank valve off after grilling. Recently its been next to impossible to turn the gas on and just start cooking. I keep trying different things like disconnecting the hose then shaking the tank but I could never get a consistent solution to the problem until now.... Its simple, after you open the valve on the tank just walk away - I stay away long enough to mix a good drink then walk back out to light the pit. So thank you! For helping me get my grill on. Glad you posted.

    That regulator can't out smart me ... I am man!

  26. I had the same problem, could not get over 350. What I was doing wrong was that I would light the first burner and then instead of leaving it on high, I was dialing it to low and the doing the same thing with the other two burners. I feel like a you know what.

  27. Nick Travisano says:

    I have a nat gas weber the wind keeps blowing out the flame .would it help to blok the some vents?

  28. J J DeWitte says:

    This underheating problem seems to be peculiar to Weber BBQs. I have owned and used many BBQs over the years and have never had the problem that I'm having with this unit.
    I've tried the "turn off the tank" routine and it doesn't work.
    Totally fed up and about to throw this in the garbage and buy a new Not-Weber BBQ.

  29. Back burner not working, isolated problem to crossover burner to be plugged, cleaned out crossover gas tube and turned upside down to prevent more clogging. Works just like brand new again

  30. nikki quinn says:

    Does anyone have a solution for me and my new gas Weber Q120? Whenever I light it, and close the lid, the flames just go out. So far that means I can't use my new toy to do anything other than grill, which is frustrating. Any clues?

  31. My new Weber E210 wasn't heating properly, so I tried reconnecting the regulator a half dozen times, going through the steps mentioned here, and some variations I found elsewhere. I finally noticed the little electrical symbol on my knob and said "wait a minute." I'd been turning the knob all the way, thinking that was the "start/high position." Turns out that all the way is the lowest setting. You turn it a 1/4 turn to get to start/high. Now it happily heats to 550.
    Maybe I'm the only idiot who ever had this problem. But I note that seemingly the regulator issue would heat this grill to about 250, whereas mine was going to 350, and that others mentioning similar problems have also cited 350. If your problem is only getting to 350, and it's a new grill, you might want to check whether you're turning it on all the way or not. And Weber, I understand that you sell this in various countries and to people speaking various languages. But if you can't put High and Low on it, at least make your symbols more self-explanatory - maybe a big flame, a medium-sized flame and a little flame.

  32. Jeff Yencha says:

    I have had a Weber warranty part on order since May 22, 2014. First I was told the part would ship 6/2 then 6/18 then 6/27 now it's 7/11. I ask for a manager and they tell me the supervisor is busy but will return my call. I have never had a return call from a supervisor. I just want someone to tell me the truth.

  33. I have a 3 burner Weber and had noticed a smell of propane, so I took my long lighter and checked for leaks...I know this isnt the proper way to check, but anyway it was leaking right under the middle burner knob. The flame that was caused due to my way of checking finally went out, but not after burning the plastic knob..How do II
    fix this leak..It is the only leak..The Weber is about 3 years old..Thanks

  34. Worst Customer Service ever. My igniter on my $1300 Genesis 330 failed after 2 years & I explained this to Weber. Their response was since I bought the grill in the US but I live outside the US now they could not provide the part- only ship to a US address. When I responded w/a US shipping address I received a long-winded reply that since I took the grill out of the US the warranty was voided (due to difference in gas pressures, regulators, possible after-market conversions, etc) & Weber recommended discontinue using the grill. I rejoined that NOTHING in their written warranty stipulated the grill could not be taken out of the country else the warranty would be voided; that the failure of the igniter had nothing to or related to "gas pressures, regulators"; & that I had not converted the grill. After many days Weber responded that they would ship the replacement part to my US address & closed with this statement "but in the future we cannot provide you with any replacement parts for your grill." Note that Weber did not dispute my response on their attempt to arbitrarily void the warranty but neither did they withdraw it either. I'll be sure to share my experience with anyone. I will NEVER buy or recommend a Weber product again!

  35. I have a 3 burner webber spirit brand new and can't get to heat over 250 what works???

  36. Simple solution to gas grill problems: get a charcoal and wood grill. Just bought and am now breaking in a new Weber Master Touch. LOVE IT!!! 🙂

  37. hi I have a weber Q, it lights up now worries at all but when I close the lid the flames go out, what do you think could be causing this?

  38. Hollis Stacy says:

    I Have the SOLUTION!!! Someone left a tip....I followed.
    The BabyQ is made for the 1 lb canister. When we turn our propane tank on Full Blast the 'ball' gets stuck...that maneuver turns liquid into gas....
    SO...turn on propane REALLY 1/4 inch...while grill is on 'light mode'...step away for 2 minutes...light...yeah!!!!!!!! Then complete turn of propane

  39. I have a Weber Spirit it is about 3 years old,I. Have a issue when the flames shoot directly out from. the knobs melting them?

    Help before I throw this grill away .

  40. I have the exact same problem! If anyone has any input i would really appreciate it!

  41. I just replaced my Weber Q line from gas tank to grille....for seemingly the 5th time due to no gas flow.
    When I was getting rid of the old hose, I cutoff the brass-ends to send them to recycling.
    Amazingly, when I cut off the end I found the gas hose (tank to Q200 regulator vale) to be full of water!!

    I'd recommend the simple action of making sure that the gas hose is not full of water before taking other steps!

  42. This worked for me just as I was getting frustrated today the 4th July.... 1st instructions worked.... Thanks for making our Independence Day grilled !!!