Handgun Barbeque Grill

This photobucket picture of a grill that was created in the shape of a handgun is hilarious!

The idea of the smoking gun takes barbecue to a whole new level!

Let me know if you have other examples of hilarious barbecue pictures either of grills or other barbecue topics.


  1. heidi norton says:

    where can we see this in person?? AWESOME!!!

  2. Who owns this BBQ and do they make them for sale?

    It's so great!

  3. Jerry Gentile says:

    Do you know where you can buy one of them Smith & Wesson BBQ Grill.

    Jerry Gentile

  4. Any answers at to whether these are for sale and where one could buy them?
    If not, guess we'd just have to build one too.
    Thanks...hope for an answer!

  5. Amy Dimmitt says:

    Where would you buy one of these?

  6. Here is a link to as story about some of our local High School kids who built one for shop class. This may be the same on in your photo..looks like it could be. Who knows. Maybe they will want to sell them!


    Contact: Wrenco Arms, Sandpoint, Idaho http://www.wrencoarms.com Mentioned in the article.

  7. Leatherlug says:

    There is a restaurant in Madison Georgia called The Smoking Gun BBQ. He made a much larger smoker, (probably about 6 times the size of the one pictured), that he has been using for years in BBQ competitions before he opened his eatery. He makes and sells smaller ones for about $4,000.00 each. The larger one has steps you climb to get to the barrel part of the gun and the chamber portion. It stands about 10 feet tall, really cool smoker. Phone is 706-342-9123.

  8. I built one very semiulair to this one with a fire box for smoking and a tray for charcoal that is removable.
    Feel free to check out my website for a pic of the grill, we can build any style that you like

  9. richard blomquist says:

    does anyone know the fellow from ga. or nc.. that builds these pistols grills...call 608 780 8229

  10. Have you guys seen this new Pistol Grill---unbelievable.

  11. GOT TO HAVE IT! Who is manufacturing them?

  12. Dawn Martin says:

    Where can a person get the plans for this?

  13. It's on thisiswhyimbroke.com and it goes for $7,500

  14. Firesculptureart is the manufacturer

  15. Jake you are famous. I went to the fair when that was on display. It is AWESOME! I'm trying to remember...what year was that at the fair.

  16. Anyone know where I could get a set of plans for something like this.... great backyard project.

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