7 Tips for Troubleshooting Low Flame Output on your BBQ Grill


troubleshooting low flame or yellow flame on your BBQ Grill

Several questions have been asked on my Weber Technical Support Experience blog post regarding low flame output or yellow flame output on your BBQ Grill or burner, so I thought I would post some ideas to resolve the low flame or yellow flame problem. Obviously you have checked the propane tank to make sure that there is fuel in it before resorting to other troubleshooting techniques.

This post is for the detective in each of us to figure out why the family barbecue is being delayed because the dang hot dogs won't cook. The neighbors are getting impatient, the kids are getting restless and your wife keeps giving you the look like she should have just cooked everything in the kitchen.

So here it is, a list of 7tips to help you troubleshoot low flame output on your Barbecue grill:

  1. Regulator problems

The most common factor is your regulator is stuck. That is the assembly on the hose before it screws into the propane tank. This might need to be reset.

To reset the regulator, follow these steps (or check with your manufacturer)

1. Turn off the gas at the propane tank
2. Disconnect the hose from the propane tank
3. Open the lid of your BBQ Grill
4. Turn all the burner valves to high
5. Wait for 2 minutes (just time enough for a soda)
6. Turn off all the burner valves
7. Connect the gas line back up to the propane tank
8. Turn the gas on slowly on the propane tank
9. Light the grill using your normal lighting procedures

If the regulator was stuck, it should have been reset using these steps.

If you always turn off your burner valves first before turning off the gas at the tank, you will keep the regulator from sticking again.

If you still have low flame or yellow flame, give it a second try, although you might have a faulty regulator that is causing the low flame or yellow flame. That will need to be replaced if it is bad.

  1. Leak in the Fuel Supply

Another common problem that impacts low or yellow flame output is a leak between the tank and the grill. To troubleshoot, apply soapy water to the propane tank valve, connector, hose, all the way up to where the hose connects to the burner assembly on your grill. Look for bubbles to indicate small leaks of the gas source. If you have any leaks, for safety reasons, get them repaired or replaced immediately.

  1. OPD Safety Valve shutting down due to a leak in the gas supply

This can be caused by the OPD safety valve in the Propane tank being tripped. A reason why the safety valve might have tripped could be that it detected a leak somewhere between the propane tank and the burner (including a burner not being turned off all the way).

The leak would cause a small amount of propane to leak from the tank which would trip the safety valve much like a circuit breaker in a breaker box. After the safety valve is tripped, only a small amount of propane is allowed out of the tank, causing a small flame.

Steps to reset the OPD safety valve:

1. Use soapy water (not a match) to check the hose and the connections within the grill for leaks
2. Turn the propane tank valve off
3. Open and shut a grill burner valve on the Barbeque grill
4. Make sure all the grill burners and the propane tank valve is off.
5. Disconnect the hose from the propane tank
6. Reconnect the hose back to the propane tank

Those steps should reset the OPD Safety valve on the propane tank.

Now it is time to test the tank. Open the valve on the propane tank 2 turns slowly (not all the way on).

Light the grill as normal.

  1. Blockage in the Venturis

Unhook the hose from the tank and check the grill burner assembly and venturis for obstructions. I have had spiders crawl into the pipes and build a spider web which restricted the amount of gas that could flow from the tank to the grill burners. Follow your manufacturers instructions for doing this check.

The Venturi shutters also might need to be adjusted. Find the venturi tube adjustment screw. This screw releases the shutters. Light the grill and set to low heat. Loosen the venturi screw and open the shutters until the flame is mostly blue. Turn off gas and tighten the adjustment screw. Let the grill cool.

  1. Propane tank might be bad

Try hooking up a different tank to the grill to see if the problem goes away. I wasted a whole 5 gallons of propane with a tank that went bad. A new tank fixed my problem.

  1. Blockage in the Regulator Hose

I had a reader submit the following via email. He was having problems with his Uniflame 5 burner Grill. Everything worked fine when lighting the burners until he lit the 5th burner. When the fifth burner was turned on, the other four either go out or the flame turns really low and then goes out.

He talked to Uniflame Customer Care Center and they reported that sometimes the regulator hose gets a gas blockage.

They advised him to correct it by turning off the tank, disconnecting the hose, open the grill and side burner and any other systems, open the controls to full open and leave for 45 sec to 1 minute.

Re-connect the hose, turn on the tank and attempt a re-light on the grill. If it still doesn't work, it could be the regulator hose. His fired right up with no problems.

  1. One other hint:

Always open your propane tank valve slowly to keep the pressure in the tank from overwhelming your OPD valve or the regulator. Wait a few moments after turning the gas on before lighting the grill. This will allow time for the pressure to even out before lighting the grill.

If this information helped you and you would like to make a donation to help cover the costs associated with running this website, please donate via the Paypal link below. Thank you!


  1. so I have this wonderful grill , and yesterday was my 64 birthday , I cleaned the grill put on a new tank and lite it , its a three burner grill and it usually get's to be 500 to 600 degrees , well it never got past 350 , the regulator on the grill was ice cold to the touch , we had high humidity yesterday and a ton of rain , when I open two of the burners it started working when I opened the third the temp fell . seems like the safty valve was kicking in , i shut it down a number of time but it still acted up . , and after a fashion it did cook the food but what do you think caused the grill to act up other than Murphys law ?
    it a year old on memorial day
    jet aire grill

  2. steve... says:

    Thanks for this!!!! Great advice... It was the regulator... Never would have solved this without your help!!!! How did I ever fix anything before the internet??? Thanks again!!!

  3. Thank you, thank you thank, thank you. I could not get the grill to get over 110 degrees. I followed the steps for the regulator and it fired up and was moving over 200 as I walked into the house. I thought this might be a whole weekend deal. Thank you!

  4. Gil Matar says:

    Thanks for the advice about the regulator. You rock. Thanks!

  5. Was about to buy a new regulator before I read your advice. Turns out the regulator just needed to be reset. Excellent advice and help, Thank you!

  6. Thanks so much, the first tip worked like a charm. Saved me from buying a new regulator.

  7. I am having problems with my Perfect Flame grill. When you turn it ignite nothing happens except a leaking sound, you can do it over and over and then all of a sudden a burst comes out. What could it be? I dont want to spend a ton of money on part after part. Do you have any helpful advice?

  8. Holy Cow!!!!!

    It was the regulator....more importantly it was the middle burner was not shutting off completely (corroded knob stem) after getting it to shut off Completly!..I did the other steps...HIGH HEAT BABY!!

  9. OK so I have my grill and I just replaced the Tank because I thougth the tank was out of fuel. When I connected the new tank and turned on the grill I was getting the same problem as with the old tank: LOW BLUE FLAME. and difficulty in gettting the flame to go on. Can anyone give me some hints as to why these things are happening? Thanks

  10. Hey Rocketjockies BBQ,

    Did you go through the steps above? Lots of people have been having success resetting the regulator...

    Also, can you provide the brand/model of your grill so we can troubleshoot?


  11. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! My barbecue was old but still working, Last night it was almost dead and I was thinking new barbecue time. After resetting the regulator it works better than ever.

    Now it's time to read the rest of your website.

  12. Will this regulator trick work on natural gas burners?

  13. I am not sure, I have never tried it on a natural gas burner. Anyone have any experience here that would care to comment?

  14. OK Dave; I tried all the troubleshooting steps you mentioned and I still have an issue with LOW Flame. Any other suggestions... I even used a can of AIR to blow thru the flame ports to be sure they weren't clogged.
    i have a UNIFLAME Grill and from the comments i have read this grill is not user friendly after a year or less.

  15. Hey Rocketjockies BBQ. I did some research on your Uniflame grill and wonder if the problem might be that the Excess Flow Safety Device is activated.

    They have a technical support number at Blue Rhino the maker of Uniflame Grils. Here is their info:
    "For further assistance, please call our Customer Care Center at 1.800.762.1142"

    Hope that helps

  16. You are my freakin' hero!! First time, flames about 1/8 of an inch. After 15 minutes temperature around 120F. Used your suggestions regarding the regulator reset. Took me 5 minutes to do. Worked beautifully, the grill is at 500F in just 8 minutes...unbelievable. Thought I was going to grill in the kitchen...

    Very nice, my wife and I are going to enjoy delicious Poblano & Skirt Steak Fajitas...come over!

  17. My problem is intermittent. Sometimes I will have high heat, other times low heat/flame. Sometimes it will start high, then at some point, flames will go really low, as ifI turned the knobs to low but they are still on high. Now, if I turn one side off, the other side's flames get bigger, but not both at the same time...both on at the same time results in minimal flame & heat (45 mins to cook a couple burgers...). This happens almost everytime I use it. Tried 2 burners. Is it worth getting a new regulator? They are only $20...let me know please, this is getting frustrating. It's a Broil Mate.

  18. Jared LaRue says:

    I own a Brinkmann ProSeries 2200. It's about 8 years old. Thought i was outta gas one day. Refilled the tank, and still had low flame. Been using my Old Smokey, and I'm not a big fan of charcoal. Your advice on resetting the regulator was brilliant. My grill burns hotter than it has in a long time, and as Hank Hill would say, I'm "tasting the meat, not the heat"! Thank you!!

  19. Thanks had really low flame, took your advice and it now works like a charm.

  20. Good news rJoyce - just in time for the July 4th Holiday BBQ!

  21. In section 3 you talk about an OPA safety valve. I went on the web and was unable to find any information on OPA valves. Did you mean the OPD safety valve. If not, what does OPA mean and where is it located in the pressure tank?

  22. Ray, thanks for that. I had a typo. I will fix the post to reflect the OPD valve...not OPA valve.

    More info here: http://www.propane101.com/opdcylindervalves.htm

    Thanks again

  23. bob moody says:

    thank u dave your reset work for me your awesome

  24. Ron Gillen says:

    I have a 3 year old gas bbq. When I go to light it the flame is very small (1/8 inch max.). As I try to light other burners the flames become even smaller. I tried all the resets suggested, and checked for spiders without any success. I have noticed that the side burner still works fine, so I am a bit confused. We did have a fire on the 4th burner valve earlier, but I am unsure if that might have anything to do with it. Any help would be appreciated.

  25. Darrell Perkins says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great advice. Bought a new Weber Grill a few months ago. Was using regularly then something happened. Tank reading low when the day before was close to full, low flame. Reflled tank - same problem. Figured I needed to buy a new grill. Your first hint on resetting the regulator worked like a charm. Thank you for saving me from going out and wasting hundreds more on a new grill!


  27. Darrell and Randy, I am glad the hints helped!


  28. I have an outdoor kitchen concepts ok3000 bbq which has had little use. it has definite over hot spots and overall can't get to a low temp for slow cooking. the manual says there are airflow adjustments but doesn't show where they are. of course I can't find them either. their website is crashed. any hints? thanks

  29. Hi tahoeq,

    I checked and it looks like Outdoor Kitchen Concepts phone number is available. Maybe you can give them a call. The number is 1-800-652-7923.

    Let me know what they say...


  30. Worked for me too. Thank you. You are THE MAN.

  31. Excellent - Fire up the grill and have a tailgate BBQ this weekend!


  32. Did every step (except I had a glass of Cab) and I'm back in business! Much thanks.

  33. You are welcome! Have an incredible fall grilling season and don't forget to winterize your grill!

  34. Hello. Have a question re. our rotisserie burner on our grill. The burner won't
    stay lit & the propane tank has recently been filled. The grill is only 4 yrs. old.
    Anyone have an idea? Thanks...

  35. Your suggestion saved the day and so quick and easy. Stuck regulator, who would have thought? Thank you very MUCH!

  36. Thomas Blalock says:

    I have taken on a project of building a gas grill for my church which has been a undertaking of a major task. In any case I am building a 8' grill with 4 "H" shaped burners with four dual valves. Today was test day for the burners after 3 months of welding a 3/8' pipe split down the middle to allow access to the burner system.
    Problem: Burners flame out.
    Burner Design: All burners are on the same supply gas line with a "T" between burner 2 & 3 back to the propane tank.

    Any suggestions or idea of the problem(s).

    I have photos if you email me I can attach copies to the email.

    Thanks in advance.

    Tom Blalock
    309 310-6630 cell phone

  37. Shanina says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Lost without my grill, and it turned out to be as simple as resetting the regulator! I would never have figured that out, and your simple steps made that possible. 🙂

  38. I just tried your "resetting the regulator" advice, and "Oh my gosh, IT WORKS !!!!!" I am so grateful for
    learning this and that I don't have to stick MORE money into this grill, as it is only a year old. Thank you
    also for all your other tips. They all make perfect sense when they're explained as you do. Thanks a lot !!!

  39. Hey, thanks for the advice! I reset the regulator and now it works perfectly. I had low blue flame on the grill and the side burner was still working fine. It happened just after we changed the tank, so I thought maybe it was a bad tank, but it seems like it was the regulator. Thanks for your very helpful website!

  40. Weberoo says:

    I was having a problem with my grill not lighting or when it would light it would go out. I changed tanks and same thing,...FINALLY I discovered that when I pushed the tank back in and closed the doors the regulator hose was crimping. Cheap Crap (Char Grill) hose on the regulator. I have looked for a high quality non crimping hose and haven't found one yet. My solution is to turn the tank to make sure the hose doesn't crimp when I push it in. I will replace the hose.

  41. Jeff in Maine says:

    You just saved me a trip to lowes to buy a new regulator..... Paypal donation inbound.

  42. Pacalawa says:

    Thank you very much for the website. I used suggestion #1 and that fixed the problem.

  43. Thank you Jeff!

  44. Excellent! I am glad it worked for you!

  45. I just found that the hand tightened knob did not push the bullet shaped end into the tank all the way. I had no gas at all. I unscrewed teh brass end from the regulator to see. then I (do not try this at home) screwed the fitting into the tank with no regulator. the open valve on the tank and nothing! I could spin the brass piece with my fingers as it was not long enough to open the valve.

    the unit from the hardware store worked, but my flames are low, it does not allow enough volume for the 6 burners, the side and back burner.


  46. I have a Webber, about 12 years old, and it has been a great grill, always starts the 1st time.
    The last few times I had the tank filled, they told me that it was only about half empty.
    I have a 2nd tank (as a spare), and that one runs empty.
    Besides a low gas level, is it possible that a tank can have a problem that results in a low yellow flame?
    If so, what is the fix?

  47. It is possible that there is a problem in the valve on top of the propane tank that is causing restricted gas flow to the grill. Try making your secondary tank your primary or getting a new propane tank

  48. It does sound like there is a problem with the gas flow. Have you tried a different tank? If it is still brand new, you might return it to the hardware store for the one that worked.

  49. thank you so much for the advice! this regulator reset fixed it. It was working on Sunday. I let it go out of gas, changed tank and then the lock up happened. I will know what to do next time.. (maybe not run out of gas too! ) thanks again.

  50. Those dang regulators 🙂 Glad you were able to get it working!



    I reset the regulator, and now my grill is working again! The needed reset almost ruined my Friday night, but you saved the day!

  52. I am so glad it worked for you! Glad to help save your Friday night!


  53. I am looking for an answer to caper's question about intermittent flames.
    I'm also frustrated!I have a 4-burner perfect flame grill

  54. Steve Hicks says:

    It started with my last gas grill, not heating up over 450. I tried resetting the regulator and opd valvles with no luck. The grill was old so I bought a new one, same problem persisted with both tanks. So we bought a new gas grill, problem still exists. So we bought a new propane tank. Problem still exists. What am I doing wrong???????????

  55. jane bigmore says:

    dang blast it!!! it took me like 5 times.... I'm not sure if it was easing the propane valve open. or banging the regulator, soaping the pipes, scrubbing out the ventura... but it worked.... how frustering but the salmon got cooked... rah thanks

  56. Donald Sutherland says:

    Just one minor step 8 modification...finally solve the stuck regulator issue.

    Only open the value until you hear the hissing...do not open all the way.

    Go to step 9...viola

  57. My grill 5 gal propane tank valve came complete unscrewed out.. I got the tank refilled and the tank knob was impossible to turn open without me using a pair of pliers. I guess I need a new tank

  58. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am on a ketosis cut where I eat a yummy ribeye for dinner every night, I had to cook my ribeye on the stove last night and it was absolutely dreadful, I did the reset and it hit 500 degrees in 10 minutes!!! WHOO HOO, You Rule!!!

  59. I also had low flame on my WEBER,but above tips did not solve the problem.
    - I vent to the local camping-shop to buy a new regulator - did not help either, so I returned the regulator to the shop.
    The shop-owner advisved me to blow out the dirt in the WEBER-regulatorvalve - this solved my problem.

  60. Does the same trouble shooting work for a furnace in a camper?

  61. I am not sure, I don't own a camper. Any readers have experience that would like to share?

  62. I have a Jen Air BBQ, work great for many years . I replaced the 3 burners and then the unusual happened. I can only operate 2 burners and if open up the 3rd all burners reduce their flame. I tried to rest the regulator valve but no luck. This also happened when I have 2 burners on and I use the side burner as well.

    Can any one provide me with some advice as t the probable cause?



  63. Thanks so much. You saved Friday night

  64. Thanks a lot! #1 worked like a charm.

  65. Excellent Grace - glad to have helped

  66. Fantastic - I love Friday night - especially grilling with my family! Glad it worked for you.


  67. Joe,

    Does it matter which 2 burners are on? Are there any kinked hoses? It sounds like there is an installation problem that is restricting the fuel from properly feeding all three burners at the same time.


  68. I'm going to try to reset the regulator tonight. I have gone a week without my grill while waiting for the new burner tubes to come. Installed them and still low flame!! Sounds like I didn't need the tubes, just need to reset the regulator. Fingers crossed!!! Thanks for the info.

  69. Laura - My fingers are crossed for you. Hopefully you can return the burner tubes...

    Let me know if it works.


  70. I have a 4 burner Perfect Flame Grill. When I start all 4 burners they flame out. If I start 1, 2, or 3 burners they work fine. The moment I start the 4th burner, all of them flame out. Doesn't matter which burners I light, all work in some combination. Just when I start all 4 do I have a problem. Is my pressure regulator on the propane tank bad? The venturis are all clear. Thanks!!!

  71. @steve hicks. You're using propane. Propane is a lousy fuel... I would kill to have natural gas at my home.

  72. Thanks so much people! Reset my regulator and barby runs like new. I was at my wits end trying to figure out what went wrong with 3 year old bbq. Happy grilling everyone!

  73. Thanks Fredrick for the donation! Much appreciated!

  74. I just got back from service call. Guy had low flame thermometer wouldn't reach 200... I rest the regulator an here it is hitting 600 in a matter of seconds ! My customer was a little upset that "it was that simple".

  75. I am glad that it was an easy fix. Gotta love the internet!

  76. Timothy says:

    Thank you. Worked right away!

  77. Excellent Timothy - Glad it worked for you!

  78. We had a charbroil for years, didn't like it. very uneven heat. My wife wanted a webber. So we did from Home Depot. I am totally disappointed. The Ignite lasted about 3 months and never worked again.
    I don't know what to do.
    I doubt if I will ever buy another one.

  79. 3yr old Weber Genesis, problem weak flame, wont heat up past 250, I have removed and cleaned burners, i have purchased a new regulator from Weber, i have 2 new tanks, there are no blockages, just seems like gas pressure is weak... any suggestions???

  80. You are the boy!! You have just saved my dinner!! I have reseted the regulator and now I am enjoying nice steak. Donation is coming to you right now.
    Thanks Dino.

  81. Dino,

    Glad to help!

    Thanks for the donation

  82. thanks so much for the post grill works great now after using this advice

  83. Thanks for great info. I found this awesome bbq on the side of the road, someone was disposing, and I thought I may be able to fix. With just a few simple instructions/tips from this website.....poof.....like magic, I had a new to me, hardly used, $400 barbecue. Thanks tips!!

  84. Gotta love it. Enjoy the grill!

  85. You are welcome!

  86. Did everything but hang a broom from the ceiling. This grill has seen better days.

  87. Dude! Thank you! Just saved my $60 of Chicken Breasts that were grill-less there for a minute.

  88. Thanks so much. I was the BBQ master for a multiple family event. The grill was close to dead. I found this website, and reset my regulator. Every one were impressed.
    You saved me!!!!

  89. I have a Weber Genesis Silver C running on natural gas. No propane tank involved. Does a natural gas hookup use the equivalent of a regulator? I can't seem to find it.
    Was working fine until Hurricane Sandy. Pre-hurricane I disconnected the gas line and moved my barbecue out of harms way to a covered spot. When I hooked it back up my flame was low. After a half hour it only got up to 250 F. I replaced the flavorizer bars, which badly needed replacement, cleaned the burners, venturis, etc and made sure there were no kinks in the gas line. It works a little better now, but after a solid hour the temp only got up to 350.
    Any suggestions?

  90. Thank you for the clearly written directions to reset the regulator. The issue came up suddenly on our Weber grill, and as we grill regularly, I am grateful to have found a simple solution on the internet. Thanks so much!

  91. I have a Weber Spirit 2 years old. it has two burners and the front one by the igniter works but the back one can only be lite by using a match. Any ideas?

  92. Shannon says:

    Our grill wouldn't get hotter than 350. We found a kink in the rubber hose coming out of the gas tank. If left along it will kink again. Poor design!

  93. I'm in need of HELP! I have a corn roaster which i use for fairs. It was stored for a while (approximately 2 years) in my garage. I recently pulled it out to get it ready for an event and had a really difficult time attempting to light my pilot. Once i was able to get my my pilot lit, I turned the knob over and my burners came on. The same goes for the other side as well. After about 15 minutes my right side burner shuts off and then momments later so does my left side. It then becomes extremely difficult to light my pilot back on, completely frustrating. I called the manufacturer and all he said was that it might be my thermocouple. I went ahead and switched both out hoping that was the discrepancy. To my luck, they did the exact same thing after about 20 minutes or so. Its not my propane tank because I've used a few different tanks and I also replaced the the hose and regulator to the propane tank. Can it be my regulator/safety valve where my pilot knobs are at? I'm at a complete lost, please help, any information is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much!!

  94. Also, I forgot to mention that it seems to only turn back on once it cools down. I know it's weird, but Im hoping you have some helpful information for me. Again, thank you.

  95. My wife and I received a grill as a gift from my Father-in-law after we cooked his steak on a Char Broil gas grill. He was apparently disgusted at the outcome from that endeavor so he set us this Weber. Undoubtedly, this has been the best grill I've ever owned . It is the perfect size for the two of us "empty nesters" but it has the capacity to cook burgers or steaks for a much larger group.

    I don't have the owners manual, receipt or any documentation for the grill. My father-in-law took care of all of that and placed it in the File 13 receptacle (garbage). It has been such a good grill that I never needed it anyway. If pressed to guess, I would have to say it is around 5 years old.

    We grill usually once a week or every other week at least. Recently my wife smelled gas and I told her to leave it alone until I had a chance to look at it. Well, that took a couple of months before I got around to looking at it. Yesterday, I determined that it was leaking around the O-rings at two separate locations at the tank and at the regulator connection. The tank was down to about a 1/3 tank left and I thought that this might be causing the low flame issue.

    I went to Lowes and bought a new gas line and fresh tank of Blue Rhino. I came home and looked at the burner and it needed to be cleaned so I took it off and opened every hole in the burner with a straightened fish hook (works great for this task) and blew the burner out with my air compressor. I reassembled the burner to the grill an reconnected the grill to the tank after following the directions from your website using the directions to reset the regulator.

    Unfortunately, this didn't result in much of a flame even though every little orifice on the burner emitted a small blue flame. I disconnected it again and followed the regulator reset instructions once more. It still wasn't hot enough to cook on. My question is should the regulator be blowed out with the air compressor and if so what's the proper way to do it?

    If Weber were to go out of the grill business America will fall to ruin!

    Thanks for making a great product!

  96. I was having problems with my BBQ grill small flame even when burners were wide open. Replaced the tank still had same issue. Finally found out it was the propane regulator, it has a safety that can get tripped sometimes. Look for a small pin hole on the regulator, stick a small wire to press in it. It'll reset the regulator it worked for me. Just make sure the regulator is disconnected from the propane tank before you mess with it.

  97. Little help needed, I recently replaced the burners on my grill, once its lit one side of the burner goes out and makes a hissing noise. This can happen on any of the 3 burners, I turn it off and back on and it may be fine for several minutes or until done or it may happen several more times. Never the same burner. Will the reset fix this issue? My real concern is it will happen while I am away from the grill and blow up!

  98. Hey Mike,

    Hissing could be bad. I would immediately do a soap check on all fittings, couplings, etc., to see if there are any leaks that were introduced when you replaced the burners.

    Let me know

  99. Hey guys,

    I had the same problems this weekend with my BRAND NEW Uniflame 5 burners grill...I tried to reset the regulator several times, didn't work. I tried using another propane tank...again low flames on 3 burners and the 4th and 5th didn't even fired. So I went to the hardware store to buy a brand new regulator, and guess what? Samething!! Low flames! This morning I called Uniflame tech support and here's what they told me to do:

    - reset the regulator ( again )
    - reconnect the propane tank
    - then set to high the farthest burner from the propane tank ( in my case it was the side burner)
    - open the propane tank valve slowly and HALFWAY .
    - start the burner
    Guess what ? It works!
    After the side burner was fired, I fired the other one , one at a time starting with the closest to the side burner.

    They didn't told me why this happened , but I guess that maybe it was a gas blocage down the hose...

  100. Hi! I have a Uniflame, and no matter what I do it just won't work. I'd turn on one burner and it holds a little bit on high, but a few seconds and it just lowers down or turns off. I've reseted the regulator, have blown compressed air to clean, have taking the whole gas system apart and no luck. Please help ?

  101. Add another win to your list! My daughter said "You're the man!" I said, "No, Dave's the man!" Haha.

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    really well written article. I'll be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I'll
    definitely return.

  103. Patrick says:

    The proceedure to unstick valve woked like a
    charm,thanks,saved our party.

  104. Thanks a million! I had no idea what was keeping my beloved genesis gold from getting past 200. The fix for the OPD safety did it! Thanks so much!

  105. Bill Brown says:

    Thanks for all your help, the problem is fixed and we can resume our cookouts

    Bill, San Diego

  106. Actually I'm reading now that you should open the tank valve while keeping the burner valve closed for at least a minute. This gives the pressure time to equalize. Then open the burner valve. Should be working good as new now.

  107. Jeff Loughridge says:

    One other thing to consider, that I just found on mine, was to make sure that if you have a side burner (in my case, a searing unit) that the valve is turned off. Last time I used the grill successfully was when I seared a piece of meat that was going into the crockpot. I always turn off the valve at the tank first, but forgot to close the burner valve. When I went to use it the next time (not searing, but just grilling) the low flame caused me to basically rebuild my grill with new burners since I thought that was the cause. I tried every other method mentioned here (different tanks, regulators, super cleaning, etc) But that side burner valve was still open and caused the regulator to limit the flow since it sensed a rapid flow. DOHHH!

  108. I thought my regulator was done. I just followed your reset instruction above and now my Weber is grilling like it was new. Thanks!!!!!!

  109. Yep, I kept trying to fire up the grill, but it would only stay lit and on low for about three to five minutes. I turned everything off as you stated tap on the regulator, unhooked it reconnected everything, and fired the grill back up. Now I'm cookin with gas!! Wonderful!! What a blog. Thank you for your help. Oklahoma

  110. Thank you!!! It worked first time!! Disconnected the propane tank, followed the steps....and tada!

  111. Followed directions. WORKED PERFECTLY.

  112. Same here. Tried all the steps. tapped the regulator and boom! Fired right up. thanks!!

  113. Works like a charm. Many people just think their grill is broke an buy a new one. thanks for sharing.

  114. my bbq works on 2 burners then when i light the third on they shut off except one on low any help?

  115. Tom's reply about the side burner that helped me. The last time I used it I left it on!! (Hangd head in shame) Works as good as new now. Thanks everyone!

  116. Another idea to consider was my issue, I live on a hill and there is almost always a breeze, and my grille had a yellow flame. What turned out to be the problem was the corrugated Venturi tubes were loose on one side and had a hole in the other. I went to a home and garden center and replaced the corrugated Venturi tubes. These are the ones that can pull out and bend to shape. I also put aluminum foil on the bottom of the grille below the burner to cover the holes in the aluminum box and then while I had the unit apart I took a small wire and ran through the venturies to make sure they were cleaned out and there were no spider webs. Then I did like the other posts stated about disconnecting the tank and clearing the regulator, then reconnected everything and now have a blue flame on both burners. I think the foil in the bottom helped keep the breeze from blowing out my flame. It actually works better than when new. Don't be afraid to cover the bottom of the fire box to maintain an even heat. Thank you.

  117. Tim Common says:

    Well I feel like a doof. A really close visual check revealed that my hose was kinked behind the propane bottle restricting the gas flow.

  118. Pierre Samson says:

    Fill up tank new B.b.q. And regulator always wet, what could be the problem

  119. The regulator reset tip worked for me. Thanks so much for posting this.

  120. thomas kiracofe says:

    100% dead on.. reset the regulator.. you guys are good !!

  121. was roasting corn at about 500 F when the temperature dropped. The meter read red or out of gas. Next day, I opened the valve and found I had plenty of gas. This happened last year once.

  122. Worked perfectly, thank you!

  123. Hey !!

    Thanks, just saved my BBQ using your reset of the regulator technique. Freaking awesome man! Thank You!. I bookmarked the site, will come back and check it out when I can.

  124. nonplused says:

    I just bought a natural gas Broil King and one of the burners wouldn't light on it's own, had very low heat and very inconsistent flame. So after looking here and elsewhere I went looking to see if my brand new bbq could have a blocked spud or venturi. I removed the burner and couldn't see a blockage. So I removed a working burner to see how it looked. I noticed that the sleeve that controls the air intake was not set the same between the 2 burners, so I set the one that wasn't working to look like the one that did. Now it has nice even heat and good flame.

  125. Randy Bussard says:

    Thanks for the tip on resetting flame

  126. Excellent advice! It was my regulator. Followed the reset procedure on my 3 burner uniflame grill and right back to normal! Thanks so much thought I was gonna be buying a new grill.

  127. Thank you so much! This was awesome! I thought I was screwed until I got your fix! You da man!

  128. Grill coaster. says:

    So this is the first site I read. I thought my 9yr old weber burners went. The first tip detailing regulator reset was applied. It worked and was flawless. Now that's integrity. Many thanks on this Independence Day!

  129. Awesome. You re the man. I was ready to replace the burner tubes and the reg valve until found first tip resolution above. Thanks!!!!!!

  130. You are never to old to learn. I used your procedure to reset the regulator and my Weber is now putting out the flame it should. I have never, ever given a thought to the regulator or realized it could be a problem. Your tip is awesome. Thanks!

  131. Brian George says:

    Brian says: I tried all of the good re-setting advice, replaced the regulator and put a new bottle on, all to no avail. I then removed the gas valves to check the jets and found that spiders had set up home in both burner entrances. Asked them to leave and all is fine!

  132. Wahooo! It worked. Solution #1. Thank you, we were pretty frustrated as we were all hungrily waiting around staring at the low yellow flames:)

  133. I am having my grill overheating when I have the burners set on low. How many should I have on when grilling a large quantity of meat. i also burned the house down the grill got so hot.

  134. I have a gas grill that is direct from the house gas line. what would cause a wild yellow flame including a flame from the venture connection point on the valve?

  135. Paul johnstin says:

    Worked for me!

  136. K.mcqueen says:

    Never thought of this as an issue did first method worked perfectly.

  137. thanks for the tips read through them only to figure out it was my side burner (boiler plate) that was left on..

  138. Tom Ramar says:

    I followed your reset procedure and worked like a champ, thank you so much.

  139. Saved mine too, ready to toss it until I reset it. Thank you!

  140. Followed step #1 and my grill fired up as hot as ever. THANKS!

  141. grill won't heat up past 200 degrees. took the burners off and cleaned them still won't heat up.

  142. Dave Barker says:

    Spider in the venturis. I would have never expected that! Thanks for the tip

  143. One day i turned on my grill and one of my burners had a massive flame.It was so big it started to flow through the vent holes on the front of the grill. The flame is not only high but wild and unpredictable.

  144. Brittany says:

    Hey I used tip #1 thanks so much!

  145. I have a 3 burnet Ducane Afinity, the middle burner has a large yellow flame. I rest the regulator, took apart all 3 burners inspected for wear damage & found none. The burners were cleaned, the valves were cleaned as well. No help. I replaced both the tank & regulator, still no help. Only the center burner has a yellow flame.

  146. I just replaced my Weber Q line from gas tank to grille....for seemingly the 5th time due to no gas flow.
    When I was getting rid of the old hose, I cutoff the brass-ends to send them to recycling.
    Amazingly, when I cut off the end I found the gas hose (tank to Q200 regulator vale) to be full of water!!

    I'd recommend the simple action of making sure that the gas hose is not full of water before taking other steps!

  147. Great ..there was a leak in hose..bought new regulator for 19 bucks works great

  148. Warren Zalasky says:

    Thank you so much! I've been struggling for weeks trying to fix my pressure problem. Turns out it was a regulator problem. After buying a new tank and regulator and checking every possible part of the BBQ, I followed your steps in tip #1 and now I'm grilling a gorgeous steak, and chicken breasts (giggity). THANK YOU!

  149. hey that worked thanks for the tip

  150. Heidi Toparcean says:

    Thank you we reset the regulator and our flames are back to normal.

  151. iam about too purchase a burner from lowes (low pressure) does the vent on the back have to be open to the air or can I close it in and drill some holes around the box ? IS THIS UN SAFE.I hope I explained this right . James

  152. 3 burner gas weber grill-center burner has very little flame. Any thoughts?

  153. I tried everything, I open the valves, reduce the valves still I am getting strong yellow flames.
    My BBQ is working great but those yellow flames show that it is not optimum. What would you suggest I do?