BBQ Smoker that looks like a huge revolver

One of our readers sent us the following pictures of a BBQ Smoker in Texas that their customer created from the ground up that looks like a revolver. It is modeled after the Colt Single Action Army revolverin a 4-3/4 barrel and is built to scale. The firebox is in the handle of the revolverwith insulation all the way up into the cooking area in the cylinder so the paint won't get too hot on the rest of the gun.

The builder really went into detail on this cooker and it shows! This is not a cooker you can find anywhere and he only built one. It is for sale if anyone is interested.

What a great smoker! Great food and a great conversation piece all at the same time!

Driving through most states you would have to have this bad boy in a holster 😉

Check out the pictures and let us know what you think!


  1. ray brock says:

    nice job john!!! you are a true artist!!!!

  2. Barbara Goode says:

    John you did a good job building this pit. It looks great!!!:) Larry & I were both Impressed. Keep up the good work.

  3. John the smoker looks great. You have always had great artistist ability.

  4. Jason Brumbelow says:

    John- This is some of the finest craftmanship I think I have ever seen! I am going to make a special trip, just to see this thing in person. Keep up the quality work!!!!

  5. A truly impressive piece of work, John! This would make anyone stop and take notice, even if there
    weren't delicious aromas wafting from the smoker. Just curious as to whether any smoke seeps
    out the end of the pistol It makes my little backyard grille project look like what it is...a piece
    of junk. Very nice, indeed. Have you considered entering the International Barbeque Contest in
    Memphis, Tennessee? It's held every May about mid-month, and I'd just bet a cooking team in their
    cowboy or gunslinger outfits manning the smoker would snag you top honors. Might call yourselves
    "The Posse" or "The Boot Hill Gang" or some such. Great piece of work, sir. Excellent. No wonder
    you took the prize at the Electra Goat Days celebration!

  6. Really an amazing piece of work, John. I especially like the treatment of the pistol block. Can't think how you got that effect, but it's really handsome. I even noticed the "bullets" in the chamber. Nice.
    Not surprising that this is a winner. Have you considered showing it at the International Barbeque
    Festival mid-month during Memphis in May? Big money prizes there. Your cooking team could all be
    in cowboy outfits and call themselves "The Possee" or the "Boot Hill Gang" or some such. I think you'd have a shot at top honors for sure.

  7. Roger P says:

    I always knew you were the best. Now everbody that sees this will know I wasn't lying.

  8. Workforce Solutions says:

    Great detail, John! Shows how truely talented you are.
    Beautiful, thanks for sharing!


  9. Greg McKown says:

    Awesome John!!!!!! What a professional journeyman. Definately one of a kind!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jason Ashlock says:

    Looks great, John! Details everywhere!

  11. Pattie Wilcox says:

    This is the most creative smoker I have ever seen! You know you could make a small fortune if you decided to sell them! Very unique! When Greg showed this to me, I could not believe someone could be so talented!!!!!!

  12. Raymond Quinones says:

    John that is a work of art ! That has to be the best barbeque pit ever seen.

  13. Very sweet BB-Q pit, My dad and my brother and brother and law would love that pit. We are TEXAS people.

  14. Adam (AT&T) says:

    I'm very impressed! Very neat idea John!

  15. Brenda Trahan Gatewood says:

    Just showed the gun to my grandson Josh. We both think it's awesome ! I couldn't be prouder. Can't wait to show the rest of the family. Keep in touch and remember I love you.

  16. Craig Plunk says:

    WOW! What a piece of artistic craftsmanship!

  17. Hey, I really like this. I have a small saloon in northern Wi and would be interested in buying this. Much nicer than what I am using now! Let me know what your asking. Thanx

  18. Great work, impressed me.

  19. John,

    Looks great. Hope to see you on the next ASME joint review.


  20. really a nice job john!!! I was showing my friends and they could not tell it is a barbeque. Good Job!!

  21. This too is, "Hotter than Hell".

  22. PHILLIP EBY says:

    I want one! This thing is awesome!

  23. Rebecca Cyphers says:

    All I can say is WOW!!!

  24. Joseph Eskew says:

    Wow. Do you need a CHL to use this smoker? Excellent work!

  25. I've seen it in person. Impressive piece of "functional" art. Great job, John!

  26. clif williams says:

    how much for the smoker email me good novelty to have for my business

  27. clif williams says:
  28. When the images of this Pistol BBQ Grill was posted, the smoker was for sale... Check it out at

  29. Shaun Benson says:

    WOW!!! John you weren't kidding that pistol burner is smokin!!! I'm about to eat lunch now and I guess I'll have to pretend that my little deli sandwich is a smoked turkey.

  30. Dennis Durgan says:

    This is a awsome pit and work of art John.You should be very proud of your workmanship.
    Best BBQ I have ever seen.

  31. That is truly a beautiful work of art. It would be great for cooking out at an outdoor shooting competition.

  32. Tony Johnson says:

    Now you know a guy has talent when this is the result. Consider this my handshake, John

  33. Hi John can you please tell me if this is still for sale. I live in the England, UK and do a lot for charity and I am very interested in purchasing this if possible. I do have family/friends in the States so this wouldn't be a problem. Thanks June

  34. A picture is worth a thousand words. But, I am speechless. Absolutely Awesome!!!!

    John, you are a great artist. We are glad to be your friends.

    Bobby and Kay Dove

  35. Richard Dennis says:

    Got to see this in person. What a work of art