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Grilled Mixed Vegetables

Grilled Mixed Vegetables

Submitted By: Leeann Anderson

Location: Clear Lake, Iowa 50428-1039
Recipe Name: Grilled Mixed Vegetables
Recipe Information:

This is something I have often have thrown together and have adjusted seasoning to taste. Prep time for this is recipe is approximately 15 minutes.


1 or 2 medium sized Red Potatoes
1/4 cup medium Onion of choice (I prefer to use Vidalia)
1 medium Zucchini
1 medium Yellow Squash
1/3 cup of fresh sliced Mushrooms
Grillin Olive Oil
1 to 2 TBS Stick Butter
Mrs. Dash Seasoning

Recipe Instructions:

Take the foil and tear off enough to make a good pouch to place vegetables in. Prepare all fresh vegetalbes and slice to place onto the foil. Drizzle olive oil over top of vegetables and sprinkle seasoning, salt and pepper, make sure to shuffle vegetables around to get a coating of the olive oil. Cube butter over the top and shape foil around vegetables to place on grill. Cook until vegetables are tender with touch of a fork. Prepared on Royall Pro Pellet, Traeger or Charcoal Grill with medium to high heat. Approximate cooking time is 30 minutes.

Recipe Summary:

This is an easy recipe for a quick side dish. May serve with any choice of meat or may have as main dish. You can prepare for just two or for many dinner guests. The recipe above is for 2 to 3 servings.
Photo shown served with Beef Tenderloins.


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