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BBQ Chicken on the Pit

BBQ Chicken on the Pit

Submitted By: Ann Williams Horne

Location: Greenwood
Recipe Name: BBQ Chicken on the Pit
Recipe Information:

cooked every 4th of July at our cabin in Mississippi.


8-10 chicken breast (sprinkled with garlic salt & Pepper)

Make sure chicken breasts are thawed well.
8 fresh squeesed lemons (save lemon rinds)
1 bottle of Lea & Perrin worchestershire sauce
4 large onions ( cut up coarsely)
S & P
1 cup vinegar
1 cup wesson oil
1/2 stick butter
Recipe Instructions:

Sprinkle breasts with garlic salt and place on pit.

Cook really slow.
Also, sprinkle regualr salt and pepper on both sides.
Pour all other ingredients into a boiler, including sliced lemon rinds.
Boil on high for 1 minute, then reduce heat to medium.
Cook sauce on medium for 1 hr. then lower heat to Low,
and simmer while chicken is cooking.
After checken has cooked 1 hr, start basting chicken with the sauce.  Chicken should be cooked for 6 hrs.
Occasionally, baste the chicken until all sauce is used up.
Serve with baked beans, slaw and corn on cob.
French toast can be served with it also.
Recipe Summary:

This is so—–delicious!!

Everyone really goes back for seconds.


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