Tejas Smokers Barbeque Pit

A friend of mine told me about the Tejas Smoker Barbeque Pit. It sounds like an amazing smoker. He said that it weighed a ton because of the high quality parts that go into the unit. It must have cost a fortune to ship. Anyone out there using it and has an opinion?

Details at Tejassmokers.com

Details about the Tejas Smokers Barbeque Pit:
A Tejas Smokers barbecue pit is made with heavy plate steel to insure a lifetime of trouble-free use. The doors latch securely. The flange-sealed lids on these barbecue smoker pits contain the smoke and heat to insure evenly cooked food throughout the barbecue smoker pit.

The Tejas Smoker Pit Square Firebox Features:

  • direct grill cook grate at top of the firebox
  • adjustable cooking grates throughout bbq pit
  • adjustable three-port air intake at base of firebox door
  • barrel/square firebox 45 inch fixed angle heat-deflector baffle
  • drilled tap at the rear of the square firebox for optional gas log lighter pipe
  • heavy duty ash pan

Standard Tejas Smoker Pit Features:

  • lower cooking grate in barrel of the bbq pit
  • oversized fold-out work table with utensil hooks (brushed stainless shelf top cover is an option)
  • front swivel wheels
  • inset rear 6 inch wheels
  • stainless steel spring handles on barrel, vertical chamber door, firebox lid, and firebox door
  • large water reservoir keeps meats moist and flavorful
  • 1 inch bbq pit end drain
  • cleaning tool/ash rake included
  • storage rack underneath barbecue smoker pit barrel
  • stainless steel temperature gauges

Check it out and let me know what you think...


  1. Ii have a tejas smoker 1628c. This smoker is fantastic and does an awesome job for all your smoking needs. Since owning it my family no longer eats bbq out it no longer touches what I make at home. Brisket,ribs or bird it's all great! The temperature control on this pit is second to none better than the oven in our home. The best part I mention last... Tejas customer service is outstanding.i can say with 100% fact,you get what you pay for. Tejas smokers are the best. Take my word and all the other satisfied customers that own these pits.

  2. mojohand says:

    I've had the pleasure of using a 1628 for the last 12 years and it looks and works as good as it did from day one. As the other review says, the customer service is excellent. The owner of 'Tejas' helped me with any questions and made sure I was happy with the smoker. The weight of this unit is a testament of it's longevity. This unit is built to be become an heirloom.

  3. I waited 82 days after payment to receive my order from Tejas. I'm not sure who was previously in charge of this outfit, but the product and customer service currently are substandard. What their website shows and what actually ends up on your doorstep are worlds apart. No invoice, poorly packaged, castings of extremely poor quality (employee told me their parts ship in from out of country), wrong parts, parts partially assembled and incorrectly at that...wow. I caution you carefully consider doing business under the present conditions.

  4. I am the owner of Tejas Smokers and this is in response to Michael’s comment.

    We try to treat every one of our customers as though they are family. We test every burner that leaves our facility and try our best to have things shipped soon after the order is placed. We package our products to handle the rigors delivered by the shipping companies. We spend the time that is needed to help our customers understand what they need, how to use it, and how it works regardless of how large or small the order is or if we get an order at all. We have been there for our customers long after their order was placed.

    While we are very proud of our products and customer service, we are not perfect. When there are unnoticed defects in our product we will repair or replace the product. There are hardly any times we are out of a product for 82 days, however, some products can be purchased from us in large volumes and cannot be manufactured with a quick turnaround time. If we are out of an item for extended periods we inform our customers as soon as possible to see if it is acceptable to wait and would normally post the item is out of stock online with an expected arrival. By the sounds of it, what you ordered would not have fell into this category, however, if you want to contact us about your order and give us a chance to resolve it, I will look into it personally. I will also be willing to post the results of what I find whether it is positive or negative. We have absolutely no problem admitting a mistake and correcting it.

    We try our best to provide detailed information and photographs of our products. I have to admit that the past year we have neglected this slightly since we were busy moving into a new facility and we are still getting organized and setup. However, most of our products have not changed in this time frame. We still own the molds for our cast iron burners in order to keep the high quality that we have always produced. Any changes we have made to our products are always improvements, and are never for cost cutting purposes. We only want to sell quality products with high life expectancy.

    Again, I invite you to contact me directly so that I can have the opportunity to resolve any issue you have with our products. I can be contacted at 713-222-0077 or jim@tejassmokers.com. I will need the name on the order, an order number, or the email address that was given for the order.

    Jim Bannerman

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