The best barbecue grilling tools are the ones that will make grilling easier on the chef. These tools should be very durable and adaptable to any type of cooking needs the chef may have. Fortunately, companies that make barbecue grilling supplies have come up with some great items to meet all your outdoor barbecue kitchen needs. Everyone that enjoys the pleasures of outdoor grilling should have these, as well as some special tools for specific types of food, such as vegetables, fish and chicken.

Essential Tools
A long-handled set of tongs with a spring load is an absolutely wonderful tool for grilling. These tongs not only allow you to move food all around the grill without getting too close to the flames or heat, but the spring load option is a must, so you don’t have to open the tongs up every time you want to use them. As well, the longer handled spatulas are a must for things like fish or burgers, that would break apart if you used tongs. Long-handled forks are a must for ribs. Never use long-handled forks on steak, as piercing the steak allows it to lose its good juices. A nice, long, hard-wired brush is a necessity, and great for those who barbecue a lot. Never forget that it’s necessary to clean the grill well, after every single use!

Basting Tools
A long-handled silicone basting brush is something every barbecue lover should have. These basting brushes allow you to keep meats moist while cooking, and adding flavor as well. Silicone is the best option, because the sauce will not stick to them. There are also large cotton basting mops that some people prefer to use, that provide thicker and larger sauce coverage for all kinds of meat.

Every chef needs to have skewers as part of their grilling tools. These are wonderful for small pieces of vegetables, meat, or poultry that could otherwise fall into the cooking grates if not secured on a skewer. Many people also taste the sensations of other foods that are side by side, such as the onions beside the steak or peppers which enhances the foods taste. You can purchase skewers in metal (reusable) or wood (that you can throw away after use).

Specialty Tools
A rotisserie unit that attaches to the grill is always great to have, especially if you enjoy cooking food slowly. Racks of ribs, whole chicken or turkey cook great inside a rotisserie. Food-grilling baskets are also essential. They keep foods together on the grill, but the holes in the basket are small enough to allow the smoked flavor to seep into your food. Baskets with handles are the best though, so you can move it around the grill for heating or cooling. For grilling up some fish, nothing works better than a good stainless steel grilling pan. You can cook the fish and turn it in the same pan without having it break apart, as it would on an open grill!

Nothing tastes better than a nice cooked meal on the grill. With some of these tools, it will be much easier and much more respectable.

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