Grilled Banana Pound Cake with Ice Cream

Grilled Banana Pound Cake With Ice Cream Ingredients:? 2 large ripe bananas 1 store-bought pound cake ?Vanilla Ice Cream – I like Vanilla Bean ice cream 🙂 Preparation: Cut the bananas lengthwise and place on the grill until grill marks appear. Slice the pound cake Remove bananas from the grill Place a slice of cake […]

Cinnamon French Toast

Summer is approaching, and that means outdoor activities, and especially grilling. Grilling is an American tradition, but unfortunately, the choice of food to be grilled for a picnic is almost always the same fare: hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn. There is no question that those are delicious and satisfying, but there are other choices that […]

Chocolate Covered Cherry Pie Recipe

Patrick has never been one to eat sweets. If given a choice between and apple and chocolate…he would choose the apple 100% of the time. He is 16, just started driving, starts his first job sacking groceries next week and we STILL have to hide the maraschino cherries from him. He will eat a whole […]

Molasses Cookies Recipe – The perfect Tailgating Dessert

A tasty Molasses Cookie Recipe by Michael Wright, the award winning chef. This recipe is perfect for family gatherings or to bring to your next Tailgate Party

Homemade Keylime Ice Cream Recipe

A tasty homemade ice cream recipe that features keylime – the fruit famous for Keylime Pie.

Easy Keylime Pie Recipe

An easy and fast keylime pie recipe that is perfect as a dessert for a family gathering

Homemade Blackberry Pie Recipe

Try this time tested Homemade Blackberry Pie Recipe that is perfect for every family occasion!

Homemade Blackberry Corn Muffins Recipe

Try this delectable homemade Blackberry Corn Muffins Recipe. They are delicious and perfect for breakfast with an ice cold glass of milk

Wendy’s Frosty Recipe – Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Try this homemade chocolate Ice Cream recipe that tastes like a Wendy’s Frosty. Let us know what you think!

Michael Wright’s Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Recipe

Enjoy Michael Wright’s fabulous recipe for Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. It is a family favorite!

Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler – Simple Recipe

My latest in a series of Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler recipes. There are so many ways that I have tried to cook a good peach cobbler in a dutch oven. This is the easy recipe. Ingredients: 2 cans of peaches – homemade canned peaches are even better Butter 1 vanilla cake mix cinnamon brown sugar […]

Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

One of the favorite desserts that my family (and scout troop) love is my Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler. I use a couple of cans of sliced peaches (or even better – home bottled peaches) that I have drained into a separate bowl on the bottom of the dutch oven.. I sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon […]

Desserts at Camp

Part of the week at Scout Camp is preparing a dessert each night. I try to teach the scouts how to cook some tasty desserts and it gives the troop to gather around and talk by the fire as the food cooks. This year, by popular vote, we are having the following desserts: S’mores – […]

Dutch Oven Dessert Pizza

As a scoutmaster, I am constantly looking for good ways to provide my scouts a treat. One of my scouts introduced me to the concept of Dutch Oven Dessert Pizza. It is a pizza crust cooked in a dutch oven. After the crust is done, you can put various dessert toppings on the crust and […]