Ogallala Cream Can Supper Video

Check out this video showing how to create a Cream Can Supper using a 10 Gallon can from the Ogallala Cream Can Supper Company. Check them out at http://www.ogallalacreamcansupper.com/

Ogallala Can Options for Hunting Season

With hunting season coming up don’t forget about a cream can supper for the ole goose blind. What you say? Goodness we don’t eat THAT much. Well remember there are fours sizes of cans and the two small ones are great for feeding anywhere from 4 to 8 hungry people. You can cut all the […]

Source for new Cream Cans

I recently ran across a fantastic source for new Cream Cans (Milk Cans) that can be used for a Cream Can (Milk Can) Dinner. For a family reunion that I cooked for, I searched high and low for a source for used cream cans. I called thrift stores, Intermountain Farmer Stores, an old dairy, and […]

Cream Can Dinner Recipe

Here is a basic recipe for a delicious cream can supper that will feed 30-40 people. This is perfect for the 10 gallon Ogallala Cream Can available from www.ogallalacreamcansupper.com. Originally, rocks were used in the bottom of the can to keep food out of the liquid since we are steaming, not boiling. However, we […]

Milk Can Dinner – Food for 40

We attended an extended family reunion in Mount Pleasant, Utah. It is about 2 hours south of Salt Lake City in a very small farming community. There were about 40-50 people there – including aunts and uncles and cousins that we didn’t even know we had. Two of the popular events at the reunion was […]