Mr. Grill 18 Inch Grill Cleaning Brush Review

I don’t know about you, but my Grill cleaning brush gets a LOT of use.  Even with porcelain grill grates, food tends to stick and the grill requires a good cleaning every time I get the urge to use my grill. As you can see from my grill after I last used it, it needs […]

ThermoWorks DOT Thermometer Review

I tested a great thermometer from ThermoWorks called the DOT. It is a simple probe based thermometer that is made to measure the internal temperature of a piece of meat during the cooking process. The included Pro-Series Probe is 4 inches long that can read temperatures up to 572°F with a cable that withstands 700°F […]

ThermoWorks Thermapen Digital Thermometer Review

I have a new favorite BBQ Accessory!  It is the ThermoWorks Thermapen Digital Thermometer.  It is the coolest BBQ and cooking accessory ever! How do you tell when your BBQ chicken is done and not going to kill your mother-in-law with salmonella poisoning?  How can you tell when your expensive thick cut steaks are medium […]

Top 5 Barbecue Accessories You’ll Need This Summer

So you’ve liberated your barbecue from the garage, the weekend’s weather forecast is glorious and you’re already thinking about all the grilled meat you’re going to consume from the comfort of your garden. Do you have the necessary bits and pieces to get the most out of your cookout, though? Read on for a quick […]

BBQ Dragon – The Barbecue & Fire Supercharger

I am eagerly awaiting a BBQ Dragon for review and will post my opinions when I get it.  Stay tuned! April 26, 2013 Denver, CO – Just in time for the barbecue and grilling season,  Archipelago Group announced the release of its unique new fire-starting tool, the BBQ Dragon. The BBQ Dragon starts charcoal grills […]

Top barbecue and grilling tools every BBQ Chef should Own

The best barbecue grilling tools are the ones that will make grilling easier on the chef. These tools should be very durable and adaptable to any type of cooking needs the chef may have. Fortunately, companies that make barbecue grilling supplies have come up with some great items to meet all your outdoor barbecue kitchen […]

The Perfect Backyard Barbeque Layout

The Perfect Backyard Barbeque Layout Hosting a backyard barbeque is one the most enjoyable parts of the summer. There’s no better feeling than firing up the grill for the first time and enjoying your favorite grilled foods in the company of friends and family. While all you really need to enjoy a good barbeque is […]

Tailgate Traditions

This is my favorite season of the year — no, not fall — football season! I am a big college football fan! Every Saturday, I can be found watching my team play. I have had season tickets for years and I bring my entire family along! One of the greatest things that you can do […]

Marshall Brass 2nd Chance Propane Adapter

Preparations continue for Scout Camp. I am trying to finalize food, troop gear, medical forms, tour permits, etc. so the troop will have a great time at camp. One of the things that I have struggled with over the years going to camp is the lantern. Rarely do you have a good setup for a […]

Camp Chef Dutch Oven Table

I am always looking for a solution to help with my efforts at dutch oven cooking. I am not a pro by any means, but I make some mean dishes in a dutch oven. My first experience with a dutch oven was when I was a boy scout – a long time ago. We had […]

Volcano II Collapsible Stove

I saw the coolest thing today when I was in the sporting goods store. I went in looking for some sort of platform to get my charcoal off the ground. I am a scoutmaster and am taking my scouts to scout camp next week and there are fire restrictions. This means no open fires, no […]

Camp Chef Stove Not Lighting

I tried to light my 3 burner camp chef stove and it wouldn’t light. I switched out the regulator hose and tried a different propane tank without any change. I did some research and found the following. If the flow of air through the manifold is blocked, the stove will not light. Spiders building webs […]

How to Light a Charcoal Grill

There are two main ways to light a charcoal grill. Both are safe and almost always work. The first way to light your grill is an electric charcoal starter 1. Take your electric lighter and put its metal end inside the bed of coals and plug the starter in. After about 2-3 minutes it will […]