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Secrets to Using Mustard to Spice Up Your Meal

There’s no doubt that mustard is a popular condiment, whether it’s used as a topping for hot dogs and hamburgers or a dip for chicken nuggets and fries. What people may not realize, however, is that mustard is more than just a simple condiment, and can be used to create a variety of dishes sure to impress even the pickiest dinner guests. So take that mustard off the condiment shelf in the refrigerator and put it to work in salads, glazes, sauces, vegetables, dressings, and casseroles. 1. Mustard as a Glaze Do you have a salmon in the freezer...

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Natural Remedies For A Sensitive Stomach

Coping with a sensitive stomach is something that has reams of literature written on it; which is fitting, since researchers and pharmacists have invested time and effort for many decades in order to come up with a comprehensive way of beating distress in the gut. This has resulted in an abundance of remedies in the market, both medicinal and non-medicinal, which we can turn to whenever the problem gets too severe and spirals out of our control. However, there are yet other remedies that are completely natural and need no medication or alien substances, which always pose the threat...

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5 BBQ Meats That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Although it has its roots in the French countryside, barbecue is one of the few culinary traditions that is almost entirely an authentic American tradition. The first barbecue on these shores was prepared by slaves in the Caribbean and in the American South, and it served two purposes: Because they were often given the less choice cuts of meat, cooking it low and slow served to tenderize it. This method also allowed slaves to come home to a well-prepared meal after spending the entire day at their labors. They would begin the barbecue in the morning and let it...

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Butch’s Smack Your Lips BBQ

I had a chance to meet with Lynne Lupinetti from Butch’s Smack Your Lips BBQ at the Best of the West Nugget Ribs Cook-off in Reno Nevada. She was kind enough to spend several minutes with me to tell me about the history of Butch’s and a little about what sets them apart from the other Rib vendors at the Nugget Cook-off. Butch and Lynne Lupinetti owned a BBQ restaurant from 1970-1997 called Butch’s Blues and BBQ in New Jersey.  In 1982 Butch and Lynne stumbled on a Rib Cookoff and attended all day.  They asked a ton of...

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Nugget Rib Cookoff – Reno, Nevada

My brother-in-law has been telling me about the Reno Nugget Rib Cook-off for years!  This is the 25th year that the festival has been running and it is the largest rib cook-off in America! After many years of talking about how I would love to come, I decided to make the trek to Reno, Nevada to sample the ribs from the 24 rib cookers from around the world! I brought my wife and two of my kids with me to experience the Nugget Rib Cook-off.  We arrived in town late in the evening and we drove past the festival...

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